FloodProBE are partners in FLOODrisk2012

Grant Agreement No:243401

WP1 - Consortium Management


FloodProBE TeamThis work package is solely dedicated to project management activities. In this project, fourteen partners from seven European Member States are cooperating under the grant agreement signed with the European Commission. To help build a strong team, to deliver the project results aimed for, over the running period of four years, and to contribute to the furthering of a European Research Area, project management is an essential activity. The individual partners are each specialists in their field, rooted in national approaches and having different cultural backgrounds. This needs to be recognised and managed flexibly enough to adapt to individual researchers styles and backgrounds. A good sense of respect and trust is essential to project delivery.

Project management aims:

  • To achieve project objectives and results to a high quality and within budget and time constraints.
  • To promote and facilitate collaboration between partners.
  • To interact between the EC and the consortium.
  • To provide contractual reporting as required by the grant agreement.

A project management structure with clear tasks and responsibilities has been set-up consisting of a Coordination Team (CT), lead by the coordinator Deltares, and assisted by HR Wallingford and Samui. The CT is the official contact between the participants and the European Commission.

In addition, a Management Team (MT) consisting of the Coordination Team, the Work Package-leaders and chaired by the Coordinator monitors the scientific progress and manages technical detail and decisions of the overall project.

Furthermore, an Advisory Board (AB) has been set-up. This group consists of representatives drawn from key stakeholders and experts in the field of investigation, application and management of flood protection.

Currently the members are:

  • Sean Longfield (Environment Agency, UK)
  • Nicolas-Gérard Camphuis (CEPRI, EU)
  • Ivan Vanicek (TU Prague, CZ)
  • Jean-Pierre Hamelin (Soletanche-Bachy, FR)
  • Michael.K.Sharp (USACE, USA)

The AB has an advisory role and provides knowledge and experience from scientific, policy and practical points of view, and the needs of the construction market as well as authorities. Due to the position of the representatives in the AB and through the members of the AB, links with high-level groups such as CIS-FLOOD will be established.