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Grant Agreement No:243401

WP5 - Integration in Decision Support, Pilot Studies and Guidance


The objective of WP5 is to facilitate cross cutting integration of project work, including the production of guidance material.  Cross cutting integration will be focussed upon two processes; firstly, meshing of the research programme with a series of pilot sites drawn from across Europe, and secondly, the identification of existing European practice in terms of flood risk management practice and DSS such that the outputs from the project are in a format that helps uptake and implementation of the science.


Specific objectives of WP5 are therefore:

  • To integrate pilot activities and standardise methods, approaches and procedures.
  • To support enhanced decision support system tools (DSS) on urban flood vulnerability through the inclusion of new knowledge developed during the project.
  • To produce guidance on the methodologies and technologies developed during the project to facilitate uptake and implementation of the research results.