FloodProBE are partners in FLOODrisk2012

Grant Agreement No:243401

WP6 - Dissemination and Stakeholder Involvement


The development of knowledge is vital in the battle against water. But knowledge is only of value if it is actually applied. FloodProBE works pointedly towards this aim through a range of dissemination activities and through stakeholder-involvement.

The project website is core in communication and dissemination, both internally and externally. It will list meetings and events and contain a range of tools that will become available over the course of the project, such as:

  • Newsletters, to which people can subscribe.
  • Project brochures, (scientific) publications and conference presentations
  • Guidance documents.

The core of the stakeholder involvement strategy is the FloodProBE associates programme. European governments, as well as market parties, can participate in the research via the so-called Associate Programme. Those interested in joining can register via www.floodprobe.eu

Representatives of the responsible public authorities from the pilot sites participate to ensure that project deliverables meet specific industry needs and to promote effective and widespread application of results in practice, through end user uptake and implementation.

Three project-wide workshops will be held for involving and informing stakeholders and end-users in the FloodProBE associates programme.

In a final conference the project results will be presented in year 4 of the project. The proceedings will be made available on CD-Rom with the full publications, which will be accompanied by a collection of abstracts.