FloodProBE are partners in FLOODrisk2012

Grant Agreement No:243401

Pilot Sites and Case Studies

Six different pilot sites across five countries have been established for collaborative work under FloodProBE. Each pilot site relates to specific aspects of the FloodProBE work programme; whilst each site may link to more than one work programme area, no one single site links to all. For more information on pilot sites and case studies, select a location from the left hand navigation or one of the dots from the map below. Orange dots are pilot sites and green dots are case studies.


ASDSO - Association of State Dam Safety Officials www.damsafety.org

USSD - US Society on Dams www.ussdams.org

SANCOLD - South African Committee on Large Dams www.sancold.org.za

ANCOLD - Australian National Committee on Large Dams Incorporated www.ancold.org.au

CHINCOLD - Chinese National Committee on Large Dams www.chincold.org.cn

ATCOLD - Austrian Committee on Large Dams www.atcold.at

SWEDCOLD - Swedish Committee on Large Dams www.swedcold.org