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FloodProBE - the first year - 16 November 2010

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By the time you read this news-item FloodProBE may have passed its first Birthday.

Work in progress
A lot of activities and actions are ongoing that may not so obvious to many of you but contribute to efficient and effective cooperation amongst the 14 international partners from 7 European countries. However, in the coming period you should receive regular updates using a web-based tool developed by our project partner Samui-Design. This tool enables all partners and registered stakeholders to share information and publish news items.


In more general over the past period our project website has evolved as a working and communication environment with e.g. a document management system, a progress-reporting tool and which has been filled with technical information on the work packages. With the many organizational aspects linked to the start of an FP7-project now mostly behind us, we will focus more on research outcomes, the external communication and the implementation of results.
After the start on Nov. 1st 2009 the kick-off meeting brought almost 40 people to Oxford in early January despite snow-conditions not seen for a long time.
In April, we had our first stakeholder workshop with close to 50 participants, this time hampered by the impact of volcanic ash clouds.
The date and venue for the next workshop (17th - 19th of May 2011, Trondheim, Norway) have been set and preliminary activities to ensure a smooth organization are underway.


In terms of research, the work package leaders have together with their team defined research implementation plans to elaborate which activities are specifically undertaken by each of the partners, including when and how they contribute to the strategic aims of the project. The advisory board has reviewed these and made suggestions from a stakeholder point of view. Specific attention has been paid to the links with the pilot projects to ensure that the R&D-activities relate to practice and outcomes can be quickly implemented.
FloodProBE also contributed to a science policy interfacing workshop organized by the Commission in early July on "Climate Change Impacts and Adaption: Reducing Water-related Risks in Europe".