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3rd FloodProBE Stakeholder Workshop - 08 October 2012

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16th-18th April 2012, Prague, CZ 

The workshop brought together more than 50 researchers from the FloodProBE project, members from the advisory board, and stakeholders. The Workshop provided a platform to discuss flood related problems like they occurred in Prague or in any other of our pilot areas. During the three days results from research on technologies, methods and tools for flood risk reduction and damage mitigation were presented and discussed. An important focus was to determine how the results could be best presented to be implemented in practice. 

The progress made to date was addressed along the lines of 6 key questions: 


  1. What innovation has been made in the research task and how is this shown? 
  2. How can the science be best disseminated and put into practice? 
  3. What further scientific development will be needed beyond the FloodProBE-project? 
  4. Has the research addressed the original goals / deliverables? If no, what steps are needed and why? 
  5. What issues or gaps are there relevant for implementation of this work? Does this vary across Europe? 
  6. What impacts do you see from this research for implementation of EU Floods Directive / national policy? 



Below is a list of FloodProBE outputs related to project focus and aims. 

The primary impact of FloodProBE in advancing knowledge in these areas is an increase in the cost-effectiveness (i.e. performance) of new and existing flood protection structures and flood resilience measures. 

Built environment


  • Methodology to assess flood-resilience of critical infrastructure (power supplies, communications, water, transport, etc) and high-density value assets including direct and indirect damage 
    • Outlook: incorporation in building codes in flood prone areas 


Urban flooddefences 


  • Framework to evaluate erosion risk and risk of failure at transitions in urban flood defences incl. performance of vegetation (grass cover) under conditions of climate change. Supported by rapid and cost-effective characterization methods (geophysical techniques and remote sensing).
    • Outlook: improved engineering guidance and decision support on flood defence reliability evaluation using combined information sources 


Construction technologies


  • Assessing and upgrading technologies for weak links in flood defences; flood-proofing “hotspot” buildings (e.g. flood proof hospital) , integration of sheltering function to buildings and multifunctional flooddefences.
    • Outlook: cost-effective concepts and technologies for flood risk reduction in urban areas 


Decision support and guidance documents


  • Strategies for balancing investments in flood resilience (buildings, critical infrastructure) and flood protection (flooddefences) for cost-efficient flood risk management in urban areas.
  • Integrating the research and newly developed knowledge into existing decision support models or systems and the production of industry guidance
    • Outlook: support of decision makers to determine how to upgrade flood defences and increase flood resilience of protected buildings and critical infrastructure and to assess the expected risk reduction from these measures.


Communication and Dissemination activities


  • Learning, testing, demonstration RTD results through stakeholder-involvement to attain user friendly, relevant guidance documents and the interaction and integration of pilot site studies across Europe.
  • Partnering to 2012 international flood risk conference aimed at attracting a wide range of stakeholders and nationalities
  • Science – policy interfacing to communicate outputs and key findings
    • Outlook: Stakeholder consultations to gain common understanding and ‘buy in’



The development of knowledge is vital in the battle against water. But knowledge is only of value if it is actually applied. FloodProBE works pointedly towards this aim. European governments, as well as industry, can participate in the research via the so-called Associate Programme. For them, it cuts both ways. 

Protecting its citizens and their possessions is a basic task of every government. But this role goes much further than simply meeting the requirements of legislation and regulations. Governments can also play an active role in the development of protection. 

FloodProBE provides this opportunity. Via the Associate Programme, governments and industry can jointly give direction to the research by means of their questions, comments, and problems. In this way, they are also the first to acquire new, practical knowledge. 

Dozens of stakeholders are already taking part in the programme. Those interested in doing so can register via the project website where more information about the research can also be found. 


The project outputs will be integrated into state-of-the-art flood risk management strategies after development and testing and having been validated via pilot study sites (in so called “risk hotspots”). With the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders in the project a significant increase in the cost-effectiveness (i.e. performance) of investments in newly developed and existing flood protection and flood resilience measures is sought after, thereby supporting the implementation of the EU Flood Directive. By integrating the knowledge in existing flood risk management strategies, the end-users, mainly the responsible public authorities and asset managers, are enabled to manage flood risk using more holistic approaches. 


  • Stichting Deltares, NL (project coordinator) 
  • HR Wallingford Ltd, UK 
  • Centre National du Machinisme Agricole, du Genie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts, FR 
  • Stiftelsen SINTEF, NO 
  • Ecole des Ingenieurs de la Ville de Paris, FR 
  • Regional Environmental Center, CZ (till Sept. 1st 2011) 
  • METCENAS, CZ (from Sept. 1st 2011) 
  • Oxford Brookes University, UK 
  • Dura Vermeer Groep n.v., NL 
  • Acciona Infraestructuras S.A., ES 
  • Samui Design & Management Ltd., UK 
  • Mostostal Warszawa SA , PL 
  • Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, FR 
  • DeltaSync b.v., NL 
  • Solintel M&P, ES 

For more information 

Website: www.FloodProBE.eu 

Contact: FloodProBE@Deltares.nl 

Results will also be presented at the FLOODrisk2012 conference, 20-22 November 2012. Venue: World Trade Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. FloodProBE is partnering this event. http://www.floodrisk2012.net/