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International Conference on Flood Resilience - 25 January 2013

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Participants of the FloodProBE project Manuela Escarameia (HR Wallingford) and Chris Zevenbergen (Dura Vermeer/UNESCO IHE) have been invited to join the Scientific Committee for the International Conference on Flood Resilience, which will take place in Exeter 5-7 Sept 2013 (www.icfr2013.org). The conference has a focus on cities in Asia and Europe and is motivated by the approach applied within the EU-funded FP7 project CORFU that investigates differences in flooding problems and solutions in a number of case studies in these two continents. The wider objective is to enable broadening of horizons and better joining of people, ideas and methodologies. Flood resilience professionals will present and discuss the latest research advances and practices in the development and implementation of resilience measures and flood management plans, including the methodologies, technologies and tools developed through FloodProBE to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure in the built environment. This collaboration reflects the existing excellent links with the FP7 CORFU project and strengthens the communication between these two projects.