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FloodProBE - Second Stakeholder Workshop - 01 July 2011

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The Second Stakeholder Workshop attracted the attention of more than 45 participants from seven European countries and the United States. Associates from municipalities, members from the advisory board and researchers from the FloodProBEproject made their way to Trondheim, Norway in mid of May.

The main purpose of the workshop was the stakeholder involvement which is of main importance for the recent stage of the project. Stakeholders are, in the case of the FloodProBE project, representatives from different municipalities which play a key role in emergency planning and flood prevention in their specific cities. Their experience, knowledge and demands are essential input parameters for the project in order to develop cost effective means for flood protection.

During two days the workshop provided a mixture of technical presentations about preliminary outcomes of the FloodProBE project and presentations given by associates from European municipalities and different pilot locations.

Presentations from Dordrecht, Orleans, Trondheim and, Gloucester drew a clear picture about different types of flood risk. Due to the geographical location and density of population, the municipalities have to cope with different challenges. Some flood events in certain cities are so dramatic that thousands of people have to be evacuated. In other municipalities the worst case scenario foresees "only" flooded basements. However, flooding with larger or smaller consequences is always an issue for municipalities located close to rivers and the sea and the stakeholders are busy finding solutions for flood prevention.

The pilot site presentations and several working sessions provided the FloodProBE-researchers detailed insight into specific flood problems of European cities. The workshop intensified existing cooperation and brought up new connections between researcher and decision makers.

Beside a very comprehensive workshop a visit at SINTEF's Coast and Harbour Research Laboratory stood on the agenda. The visitors got the opportunity to "travel" to the Geiranger Fjord where a large block of stone is moving towards the fjord.

A physical model demonstrated what happens when the rock slides into the fjord. The visitors got the opportunity to guess how big the tsunami will be and how much time it is left until the first wave reaches the cities which are located along the fjord.

During the two days with presentations, work sessions, lab visit, and the conference dinner, in the Lerkendal football stadium, there was plenty of opportunities to build up new relations between researchers, associates and members from the advisory board.

The FloodProBE management was very pleased with the extraordinary stakeholder contribution and the output of the workshop which will bring the project a large step forward. The participants enjoyed their stay in Trondheim and the special experience that it does not get dark in the night.

We are looking forward to the next Stakeholder Workshop next year in Prague.