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Urban Resilience Conference, Paris, 3-4 November 2011 - 03 October 2011

Urban Resilience Conference, Paris, 3-4 November 2011 Image

Damien Serre, working within Work Package 2 of the FloodProBE project, is co-organising a conference titled "How the concept of resilience is able to improve urban risk management? A temporal and spatial analysis", to be held in Paris on November 3rd - 4th 2011. Participating in the event will be Work Package 4 leader Chris Zevenbergen and also Rutger de Graaf also contributing in Work Package 4 of the FloodProBE project. A summary of the event can be found below.

Designing the territory adaptation capacities against natural risks has become an essential issue. Building adapted urban networks and cities that will face risk events induces to think this adaptation in a long term perspective. This adaptation capacity has to be done taking into account the spatial shapes of the specific environments, in particular the urban configurations, including the urban infrastructures and buildings, the urban shapes and future developments, and the social issues to plan the urban resilience.

This conference aims at making a research state of the art leading to the conception of antagonist issues: flooded cities - resilient cities, turning the negative effects of flood in a positive one allowing designing cities able to integrate flooding in their shapes and functions.

For more information, including a detailed programme and key dates please email Damien at damien.serre@eivp-paris.fr. You can register for the conference by emailing Estelle Deluca estelle.deluca@univ-mlv.fr