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One of the FloodProBE pilot sites - Humberside - 12 November 2010

One of the FloodProBE pilot sites - Humberside Image

2007 Flooding

In 2007 large parts of the Humber Eastuary, UK, were flooded. The floods cost homeowners, businesses, emergency services and others some £3.2bn


The UK Environment Agency is working on implementing a strategy on the flood risk management in the Humber Estuary. This work already started in 2006. The strategy concerns upgrading and maintaining flood defences, managed realignements and flood storage sites. The programme has been granted a 55 mln pound government. Examples of the strategy's implementation are continuing refurbishment work on the Hull Tidal Barrier and a scheme to protect homes in Swinefleet, near Goole, and Brough. The strategy outlines general flood protection measures, but the specific needs of the protection will be assessed at a local level.

FloodProBE pilot site

Methodologies and technologies that are developed within the project will, where possible, be tested against local pilot conditions. The Humberside Estuary is also one of the FloodProBE pilot locations. Until now the project has tested a method for measuring seepage through the flood defences. This is part of the work package that deals with "the vulnerability of the built environment". It is one step in the process of adding knowledge to the cycle that leads to practical guidance.Insert of "flood protection areas" (Courtesy of the Environment Agency, UK)