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FloodProBE are partners in FLOODrisk2012

Grant Agreement No:243401

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This meetings and events area allows you to search and view, amend or add new meetings for the project. If you'd like to search for meetings, please use the 'Search To View' button. If you'd like to edit or delete a previously added meeting please use the 'Search To Amend' button. To add a new meeting please press the 'Add Meeting' button.

Meetings can be updated and edited during the course of the project enabling others to view the latest information. Documents can also be 'attached' to any meeting entry - for example, attachment of meeting agenda, minutes, presentations etc. Permissions may be set against each attached document to ensure that material can only be accessed by those groups of people that you give permissions to. Documents can be uploaded and 'attached' directly from your computer or from the online Document Management System (DMS).