FloodProBE are partners in FLOODrisk2012

Grant Agreement No:243401

Project Summary

FloodProBE is a research project supported by the European Commission addressing "Technologies for Improved Safety of the Built Environment in Relation to Flood Events". The project addresses research topics under the Framework Seven programme ENV.2009. FloodProBE started in November 2009 and runs for a period of 4 years.

The principal aim of FloodProBE is to provide cost-effective means for flood risk reduction in urban areas. To this end, FloodProBE will develop technologies, methods, concepts and tools for assessment purposes and for the adaptation of new and existing buildings and infrastructure.

The objectives and principal aims are:

  1. To improve methods for assessing the vulnerability to flooding of the urban environment, especially by extending conventional methods with the ability to assess indirect impacts of damage to networks and assets with a high value density.

  2. To improve the understanding and assessment of urban flood defence performance in order to develop suitable protection measures and to increase the cost-effectiveness of future investments.

  3. To develop and test construction technologies and concepts to improve the performance of existing and new flood defences and for flood-proofing of the urban environment.

  4. To integrate the knowledge developed in the project on assessment of vulnerability of urban areas and flood defences as well as the newly developed construction technologies and concepts to support holistic flood risk management strategies.

  5. To contribute to guidance in flood risk assessment and flood management practice in the urban context and thereby support implementation of the EU Flood Directive.


The following organisations are working together on this research project: